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The Civil Air Patrol is a non-combatant auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Members do not have to be current or past members of the military nor do they have to be pilots. Membership in CAP is open to anyone twelve years of age or older. The US Air Force funds most of our activities and has supplied our squadron with an airplane for missions and training.

We are an important service organization in the community. Our members are called upon when our neighbors become lost either while on the ground or in the air. Authorities from the US Air Force and local safety organizations call us first when an airplane disappears, a child wanders off or a hiker is overdue at his or her destination. We are trained and equipped to conduct search and rescue operations on the ground or in the air. During community crises, like Hurricane Katrina, our members organize efforts around evacuation and resettlement of those who cannot return home near-term. We can also be found flying fire-watch missions during dry season. Austin's swimmers and boaters will spot us flying over Lake Travis as we assist safety personnel in spotting and reporting dangerous situations before they become life threatening.

We welcome participation from you, your family and friends. Please visit with us during any regular meeting of the squadron where you can talk to the membership and learn about the squadron's airplane and the TXDot hangar facility.

Civil Air Patrol's Three Primary Missions:
  •   Aerospace Education
  •   Cadet Programs
  •   Emergency Services

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